Some Side Effect Of Sex Every Day

Some Side Effect Of Sex Every Day

Looking weird huh? Side effects of sex every day I mean who think that people love to enjoy sex as much as possible and seek ways to make it more interesting and amusing.

There are some side effects that exist if you do sex every day but they are not life-threatening so you can take a relaxing breath. In this article, we will discuss some points that will tell you briefly so let’s have a look at that:-

Unwanted discharge after sex:

Some studies show that women are more prone to have sexual side effects than men. Many women feel a whitish discharge with their urine and they feel wetness on their panty that feels awkward. Though the ejaculation is normal and not dangerous still women never like it.

Your body produces some fluids just after sex or just before the final stage when you feel like an erection.

Lack of energy:

Experts believe that regular sex is good for your heart and reduces the stress level of your body. But some people feel tiredness and lack of energy just after sex it is because you lose so much energy while having sex and your hormone releases more than before while having sex.

This is also a natural symptom if you feel much discomfort it is because of the wrong living style. Always do some workout and take a proper diet that will provide you sufficient energy.

UTI infection:

Mostly women complained that they felt irritation and inflammation after having sexual intercourse. Sometimes the condition becomes worse and they got urinary tract infection. Experts say that vaginal friction makes the bacteria enter into urethra easily that is a common cause of UTI.

If you are having sex every day then it becomes easier to get affected by UTI so in that case, try to keep proper hygiene and stay away from sex for some days.

You feel pain:

The recent studies have been showed that near about 30 to 40% of women feel pain while having sex. Sometimes it can be natural but excess pain is not good for your body.

Expert says that if you are feeling much discomfort and pain while having sex then speak up properly about your experience and take a short break from sex. Discuss your problem with your partner and you can also consult a special therapist that can help you.