The Best Exercise For Making Sex Better

The Best Exercise For Making Sex Better

It has been revealed in many studies that sex is also a good exercise for burning calories and the couples who perform intercourse twice or thrice in a week live happier and healthier life than others.

Though there are many exercises that can make your sex life better. If you stay fit and healthy then automatically whatever you will do results you better. Read this article and get to know the best exercise for making sex better or we can say check out sexercise.

Do planks for some minutes:

This simple and basic exercise can make your sex life better and men and women both can do planks. What you need to do:-

Lie down in the push-up position on the mat and keep down your half elbows like doggy style. Now keep your back stable and lift up the lower legs with knees up and down.

Your knees should touch the floor and repeat this for 2 to 3 minutes and breathe slowly.

Do jumping squads:

Jump squads are also good for making long-lasting intercourse. This exercise also can be done by both partners and it is quite easy as well. What you do that:-

Stand straight on the mat and keep a needed distance between your legs.

Squat in the down position and keeps your elbows in molding position. Jump rapidly with a momentum feet lifting. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes and do it on a regular basis.

Do pushups:

If you want to stay for a long time in your sexual poses without any erection or discharge and want to enjoy more performing simple pushups are also amazing and make your sex better than before. What you need to do:-

Lie down in the push-up pose keeps your hands straight and palms on the floor and lift your whole body and try to maintain the whole body-weight equally.

Bend down your elbows slightly so they can touch the floor. Repeat this exercise for some minutes. Do not force yourself in the beginning and try to increase it slowly.

Always wear comfortable attire while doing exercise and try to involve your partner with you while doing all the exercises.

It is been scientifically proven formula that exercise can make your sexual experience better. People who are disappointed with their sexual life must perform these small yet effective exercises and they will soon get the results.