5 Ways To Impress A Girl

5 Ways To Impress A Girl

5 Ways To Impress A Girl

Girls always love compliments and positive views by their friends and especially loved one and you must know that women are experts in recognition and they can smell whether you are praising from the heart or just fulfilling formality.

If you show carelessness it can destroy the whole thing if you are trying to impress a girl. Here we are mentioning some important points that will help you out and you can impress a girl without any complication so let’s have a look at that:-

1. Make Any Eye Contact

Now, this is a common problem of guys when they see a beautiful lady they start staring at her especially in the chest area and you don’t know that somebody is noticing you and you are looking like a moron.

If you are sitting with a lady whom you want to impress, always concentrate on her face and start a soft conversation about her interests. If she wears a coat help her out to take off and she will surely like your caring attitude.

2. Meet Her Friends

Friends are always the best part of our life and if you impress a woman you must socialize with her friends and try to impress them and you can impress your girl too.

Decide a meeting time and ask your girl about her besties and invite them for a casual meeting. Add some sense of humor and appreciate them for their time. Add them on social networks and behave like a gentleman so they can present positive reviews for you.

3. Compliment Her

Man or woman both like compliments for their appearance, looks, smile, or talking behavior or whatever you like to say. Always compliment your girl and express your feelings for her that you like her so much.

Ladies always like such guys who are genuine and clear while expressing their feelings. Never act too dramatically, just stay simple and natural and ask her what kind of guys she likes to date.

4. Avoid Excess Phone Calls

Using an excess phone or checking social media apps or texting in the middle of a conversation when you are sitting with your crush can spoil the whole scene. Girls always like those who provide 100% attention and make you feel special and noting is important that you.

While talking with a girl, you must silent your phone or if there is a much important call you can say that you will talk later. Make her feel that you are there only for her.

5. Dress-up Well

Girls always like those guys who are well-maintained and well-dressed up. Wear comfortable attire that looks cool on you. A light perfume will also work well and you can ask her favorite color and choose that when you go out for a date.

Just think for a while, you like a girl who is looking impressive so the same thing applies to you. Give your hair a perfect look and don’t forget the body odor. This will raise your confidence and surely impress the girl.