Why Do People In India Hesitate To Talk About Sex?

Why Do People In India Hesitate To Talk About Sex?

Why Do People In India Hesitate To Talk About Sex?

In India, talking openly about sex or sharing your desire directly to somebody is considered a taboo. Though in many countries teenagers are open with sex and they are well-educated regarding sex education but in India, people hesitate to talk about sex and the reasons start from the roots. When a girl born, from the beginning she has trained by her family to stay reserved and don’t talk too much especially about intimacy and physical attraction and sex.

On the first night after marriage, the elders of the family describe some basic things about sex to groom and bride both. The science, technology, and the internet changed many things but still, people hesitate to discuss about sex and some basic reasons are:-

Sex Is Not A Talking Material In India

In India, children depend on their parents and stay with them their whole life. You can’t go out easily, you can’t take your partner at your home if you are living with your parents otherwise society will trigger you.

No matter you are male or female, you can’t express your sex desire sp quickly especially in the small towns, people are very conservative and they teach their generations that don’t talk about sex, this is not good.

Religion And Upbringing Never Allow You

In India, sex is related to religious factor and you can be a sinner if you talk or discuss randomly sex. I mean, people don’t take it as enjoyment or fulfilling the basic needs they have connected it with other aspects.

In many schools, kids are still unaware of sex education and they obtain this from outside and sometimes fall in a bad company because they can’t ask anything to their parents.

Talking About Sex Decides Your Character

In India, you can’t directly ask a girl even if she is your girlfriend about having one night stand because most of the time it can question your character. Talking about sex before marriage is not natural so you have to hide it or society can take it in another direction.

Women Are More Introverts

Girls taught to stay quiet, they are women, a sister, a wife, a mother so talking with a stranger a man can’t be tolerable. A girl has to depend on her family and after marriage on her husband so the whole circle remains the same and the same education continues forever.